Sher Shivraj Marathi Movie Trailer Review How it’s first impression :-

After the grand success of pawankhind movie director digpal lanjekar release another blockbuster marathi movie trailer sher shivraj. Trailer goes 32 lakh views on youtube just 3 days after release. The views count was a great for a one regional language low budget movie.

Sher shivraj is a historical blockbuster marathi movie which has a real life story of chatrapati shivaji maharaj, How chatrapati shivaji maharashtra killed afjal khan at the base of pratap gad fort.

Afzal khan was one of biggest enemy of chatrapati shivaji maharaj at that time, the film shows the story how chatrapati shivaji maharaj killed afjal khan without having a big battle at pratap gad.

Sher Shivaji Marathi Movie Real Life Story :-

Afzal khan was a military general who served the Adil Shahi dynasty of Bijapur Sultanate in India. As a adil shahi also comes under control of delhi sultant. So the delhi sultant who was a central authority of india at that time india means northern side of india.

Afzal khan was appointed by delhi sutalnt to capture the marathi swarajya and to killed chatrapati shivaji maharaj in 1659.

Afzal khan get invited by chatrapati shivaji maharaj at the base of pratapgad fort to sign a treat. While on the meeting day of 10 November 1569 chatrapati shivaji maharaj get attack by afzal khan when chatrapati shivaji maharaj hug afzal khan. How many of you know how chatrapati shivaji maharaj kill afzal khan, what type of battle weapons maharaj used to kill afzal kahn let’s see.

🔹 Sher Shivraj:- What weapons used by chatrapati Shivaji maharaj to kill afzal khan ?

As the lesson we all learn from chatrapati shivaji maharaj half of battle we always win at the time of playing of the battle. Chatrapati shivaji maharaj was one of the best warrior till today because of his playing before going to fought battle against every enemy.

Same as the time of meeting with afzal khan at the base of paratapgad fort chatrapati shivaji maharaj was well planned everything.

The the actual weapon used by chatrapati shivaji maharaj was a waghnakh ( tiger claw) to tear his stomach. When chatrapati shivaji maharaj hug afzal khan to welcome him, there was attacked by afzal khan on the back of maharaj, but chatrapati shivaji maharaj was well prepared and wearing the protective steel armour inside. and then maharaj stabbed him with bicchwa(a type of dagger )and mortally wounded him.

Bicchwa another weapon used by chatrapati shivaji maharaj to kill afzal khan
Wagh nakh used by chatrapati shivaji maharaj to kill afzal khan.
image credit :- (Wagh Nahi)

🔹 Mukesh rishi in sher shivraj as in Character of Afzal khan :-

After successful blockbuster tanhaji of ajay devgan, the lead villain role did by Saif ali khan was the one of the first hindi actor work in marathi regional language movie. While the movie tanhaji has a great success as lead by ajay devgan

Now here is another hindi-south move super villain mukesh rishi in lead role of villain in upcoming marathi movie sher shivraj. We are going to see mukesh rishi in a role of afzal khan. In the trailer he was outstanding in his character of afzal khan.

🔹 How mukesh rishi was perfect as a afzal khan in sher shivraj :-

There is no doubt mukesh rishi is a great actor, his plays many perfect villain role in his career, but sher shivraj movie is little different for mukesh rishi. First thing is that movie language is marathi and another thing is the role of afzal khan.

We never see mukesh rishi in such historical movie, where he did the role of someone who was in existing in past. While doing imaginary role and copying somes life was totally different. But mukesh rishi justify with character of afzal kahn.

If you read the about afzal khan you understand he was very toll person, about 2.3 M toll. So the sher shivraj cast also need some hight villain and mukesh rishi has that hight

Sher Shivraj :- Who is chatrpati shivaji maharaj bodyguard who killed afzal Khan’s solider :-

Later when afzal khan try to escape from there and at the same time afzal Khan’s solder attack on chatrapati shivaji maharaj, the maratha solider Sambhaji kawaji kondhalkar killed afzal khans guards and beaheaded Afzal Khan and sent his head to Rajgad to Rajmata Jijabai saheb.

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